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Cat Dental Care Wellness examination


You want your furry friend to be with you for a long time to come. That's why it's important to remember to schedule a routine wellness exam at Schar's Veterinary Clinic.  


We help maintain health for many animals.

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The key to optimal health is maintaining excellent dental habits. If you've noticed plaque building up on your pet's teeth, it's time to make an appointment.


Your pet will have healthy teeth.

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Surgery is never fun, but it can be critical to your pet's health. We strive to provide the best surgery services for your pet.


We also provide a wide array of parasite prevention services and healthy diets.

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Improve the health of your herd

Total bovine health services

The key to maintaining a healthy herd starts at Schar's Veterinary Clinic. We can give you a full picture of all your cattle's health and help you manage and grow the herd.

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Compassionate Veterinarian Care